Amid curfew death continues to rule

The death toll in the ongoing Kashmir unrest mounted to 108 on Sunday with three injured youth succumbing to injuries and a 25-year old girl falling to the bullets of

Indian Repression in Kashmir

Kashmir is facing the grave situation, deteriorating every passing day. Use of excessive and indiscriminate force is the miscalculation on the part of Delhi and its State puppets.

Religion And Terrorism

Presentation made by Dr Shabir Choudhry at a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International during 13th Session of the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva.


People in Kashmir are up in arms against the intelligence agency of India central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for its hushing up the case related to the gruesome incident of

Subjugation causing oppression

In the Indian occupied Kashmir human rights violations by Indian occupation forces is a routine matter. No day passes calmly. Cries, protests and demonstrations by the affected and sufferers are

Criminal and terror acts of Indian forces

Kashmiri soil has so far digested more than one lakh inhabitants regardless of age and gender who were done to death ruthlessly by Indian Forces using different inhuman, brutal methods

What Have We Done to Democracy?

While we're still arguing about whether there's life after death, can we add another question to the cart? Is there life after democracy? What sort of life will it be?

Dear America: Letter From a Muslim-American

I write to you, America, as a Muslim-American who is frustrated at seeing both sides of my identity spreading myths about each other. In part one of this two part

Land under occupation

It was officially revealed by the State Government on the floor of house that 10 lakh 54 thousand kanals of public and private land is under the occupation of Regular

Excerpts of Mr. Akef Speech on Human Rights

A Message from Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Akef – Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood.