Katatni on April 6 Anniversary: Let’s Cooperate to Build Modern Democratic Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, urges a return to the solidarity, unity and selfless cooperation that marked the January 2011 Revolution.

The Brother Leader, By The Majalla

Liberals view him as an uncompromising religious conservative and even within the Muslim Brotherhood some doubt his ability to lead. Will Mohamed Badie succeed in uniting the Muslim Brotherhood and

DAE To Run In Egypt Elections Under A Single Banner

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Executive Office of the "Freedom and Justice" party, and member of the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DAE) coalition, announced that the DAE will have

Kefaya Condemns Attacks on MB Youth During Rally in Alex

A statement issued by the Egyptian Movement for Change (Kefaya) strongly condemned the assaults on some Muslim Brotherhood youths near the Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria during a Rally organised

FJP Youth: Reinstating of the Emergency Law a Step in the Wrong Direction

A large number of youth groups organised a massive demonstration in Beheira governorate Monday, protesting against decisions made by Egypt's interim ruler the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)

Egyptian Revolution Remembers its Theoretician, Abdul-Wahab Al-Messiri

"Al-Messiri: the absent yet present one in the Egyptian revolution", under this title, a symposium was held at the Press Syndicate in Cairo two days ago to celebrate the third

The Muslim Brotherhood After Mubarak

Portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as eager and able to seize power and impose its version of sharia on an unwilling citizenry is a caricature that exaggerates certain features of the

MB, Kefaya, Copts Put an Initiative for Police Patrols’ Return to the Streets

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, a senior Muslim Brotherhood figure; Dr. Samir Eleish, Kefaya Movement and Dr. Sherif Doss, Coptic intellectual have unanimously offered a suggestion to the Prime Minister

The Brotherhood Has Earned Its Place at the Political Table

With Mubarak now out of the Egyptian political arena, and as the Armed Forces battle to establish a new democratic structure, there is much speculation about whether the Muslim Brotherhood

Beltagy: Dismissal of Shafiq’s Government Is a Must

Wael Ghoneim, administrator of Khaled Saeed's Facebook group, went on the stage in Tahrir Square hand in hand with Dr.Mohamed El-Beltagy, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood chanting "Together, one hand"