Khairat Al Shater


Shater: The role of the MB is not connected to that of the Party

Deputy leader for the Muslim Brotherhood, Engineer Khairat Al Shater, stated that the role of the group is not related to the role of the newly founded Freedom and Justice

An inspiring interview with military tribunal detainee Ayman Abdul Ghani

On interviewing engineer Ayman Abdul Ghani, one of the recently released MB military tribunal detainees, who served an unfair three-year sentence it, was inspiring to witness his cheerful temperament.

Court martialed Muslim Brotherhood detainees anticipate release.

It is expected that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior release on Tuesday, December 15, 9 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement who were tried and sentenced. The 9 men who

Sawaseya: Military tribunals deny Egypt the services of its prominent sons.

In a statement of which "Ikhwanweb" was given a copy, The Sawaseya Centre for human rights condemned the irrational verdict issued by the appeals court in Cairo where the judiciary

November 17, scheduled breaking point for the MB military tribunal appeals.

A court in Cairo has withheld the appeal filed by the Muslim Brotherhood's defense team challenging the harsh sentences served in the notorious unjust military tribunal of Eng. Khayrat el-Shater

10 Menoufia MBs Arrested in Fresh Sweep

The State Security Police arrested on Sunday ten Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in Menoufia as part of the Egyptian autocratic regime’s unjustified escalations against the group; these escalations started at

Blogs Against Military Rulers

The fierce security campaign that the Egyptian regime is launching against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group and transferring 40 MB leaders to military tribunals in addition to arresting hundreds of

Egypt: 7 of El-Behira’s MBs Released

Ahmed Al-Qit, Hani Al Baktoushi, Fekri Rahhal, Amr Masoura, Ayman Abul Arashin, Khaled Al Qamhawi, and Yasser Al-Hanash, after paying 500 Egyptian pounds bail .

Jail of 42 Al-Azhar Students Prolonged, Al Shater’s Files to Military Justice

The Egyptian state security prosecution referred the files of Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and about 40 MB leaders, political figures and

MB’s Al-Shater, Leaders to Military Court

Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and some MB leaders were transferred to a military court.