Khaled Meshal


A dialogue with Hamas – Part 1

In this extended two-part interview Hamdan engages in an in-depth discussion of the party's affairs, policies and interests. This dialogue follows Manuela Paraipan's recently published interview with Hamas leader Khaled

Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking

Defence for Children International (DCI) Palestine Section (DCI/Palestine) "is a national section of the international non-government child rights organisation and movement (dedicated) to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian

Hamas Must Play Role in the Two-State Solution

Israel must accept that Hamas is a reality, which it cannot simply wish away. Hamas' participation is essential, not only because it is in control of Gaza, but also because

Cutting through the confusion about Israel/Palestine

Richard Forer, a former member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), exposes the deceitful and dishonest foundations on which support for Israel is built.

Interviewing Khaled Meshal on Palestine, Goldstone, International Law and Israel Peace Process

On the 17th of October this year, I interviewed Hamas leader Khaled Mashal in his offices in Damascus, Syria on a wide range of topics. I did the interview as

Goldstone report: A victory for Palestinians, free will, rights and justice

The United Nations' Human Rights Council has formally endorsed a report that accuses Israel and the militant group Hamas of war crimes in Gaza. Although Israel has slammed the resolution

Exclusive: Hamas leader interview

Yet, for too many people, Hamas as an organisation remains opaque. What they know about it is derived from a hostile media; it has no face. Most would probably think

Interview with Hamas chief Khaled Meshal

The day of Hamas’ triumph, the supreme leader, Khaled Meshal, keeps his euphoria in check and weighs his words: “This is a first step. Yet, other steps are needed before