Khaled Saeed


Jurists Demand Quick Probe into Torture and Murder of 300

Jurists and politicians demanded to open an investigation into police torture that took place during the Mubarak regime, torturing more than 300 to death.

Abdul Rahman Mansour Mastermind behind Egypt Uprising

Much controversy has risen lately about the mastermind behind Egypt's uprising as Shady Ghazali Harb, member of the January 25 coalition, revealed that activist and journalist Abdel Rahman Mansour is

Abdul Rahman Mansour Another Man Behind the Revolution

Following the revelation of Wael Ghoneim Google's now famous executive as being behind the People’s Revolution it’s only fair to announce that others were among the admin of January 25th

Expatriate Egyptians announce participation on Jan 25th Rage Day

Calls for the Day of Rage on January 25, 2011 increased 6 days before the date. Protesters called on the Egyptians Abroad to protest in front of the embassies. 45,000

Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising

About 37,500 people announced they will take part with the "Khaled Said" Facebook group on January 25th street protests entitled "A Day of Change," and to date number is on

ElBaradei, MB and Opposition Vow No More Khaled Saeeds

In a historical union delegates from all political opposition forces met in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Differences in ideology were set aside as forces from the Muslim Brotherhood, the

Egyptian Opposition’s Facebook Groups Disappear

On Thursday November 25, 2010, many facebook groups such as “Monitoring the Unit of 2010 Parliamentary Elections”, “El-Baradei as a President for Egypt”, and “We are all Khaled Saeed” were

Family of a New Torture Victim in Alexandria Complains to Attorney General

The family of 19-year-old Ahmed Shaaban el-Kota submitted a complaint to the General Prosecution accusing police officers in Sidi Gaber police station of arresting and detaining their son for six

Egyptian Coalition Takes the Case of Somaya Ashraf to WashingtonPost

The Coalition of Egyptian Organizations in North America condemns the brutal attacks on Azhar student, Somaya Ashraf, who was beaten by university guards and security last week.

ElBaradei and the Mobilization of the Egyptian Diaspora

“This is a giant that needs to be awakened to save Egypt…look at what other diaspora communities are doing,” said one enthusiastic participant in a recent London conference for the