Khaled Said


MB Legal Experts: Killers of Khaled Said Should Be Retried

In a statement to IkhwanWeb, Jamal Tajuddin, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, called upon the Egyptian Public Prosecutor

Abu Baraka: Outlawed National Democractic Party Blocked Anti-Torture Laws in Parliament

Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, the Freedom and Justice Party’s legal adviser, expressed regret at the sentence passed by the Alexandria Criminal Court - headed by Justice Moussa al-Nahrawy – today

Verdict Expected in Khaled Said Case

Amnesty International has urged the Egyptian authorities to ensure that justice is done in the case of Khaled Said, an Egyptian allegedly beaten to death by two police officers one

Arab Youth – Changing Worldwide Perceptions

Change has definitely come to the Arab world and it has come at the hands of the youth. They are not just changing the political scene, but also how Westerners

Abdul Rahman Mansour Mastermind behind Egypt Uprising

Much controversy has risen lately about the mastermind behind Egypt's uprising as Shady Ghazali Harb, member of the January 25 coalition, revealed that activist and journalist Abdel Rahman Mansour is

Egypt Protests – Changing the Rules of the Game

Egyptians have taken to the streets demanding an end to the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak and protesting economic hardship and rampant corruption. Demonstrations in Tunisia brought down the

Egypt Revolution – In the Shadow of Tunisia

January 25 is Police Day in Egypt, a commemoration of the resistance by Islamailiya police against the British in 1952 during which 41 police officers were killed.

Abducted Man’s Mother Fears Son Dead

Fear and panic gripped hundreds of families of detainees who were taken to the Alexandria headquarters of State Security Intelligence 18 days ago under the pretext of conducting investigations into

Over 37,500 Egyptians to Take Part on January 25th Uprising

About 37,500 people announced they will take part with the "Khaled Said" Facebook group on January 25th street protests entitled "A Day of Change," and to date number is on

Salafi’s father fears son dead

Hassan Metwally, father of 29-year-old Salafi detainee accused the security officials of masterminding the kidnapping of his son Ahmed who has been missing since the suicide bombing of the Qeddesinne