Egypt at democratic crossroads

Two recent events have caught the attention of the Egyptian media and fed speculation about the 2011 presidential election in Egypt.

MB and Kifaya denounce Regimes’ exploitation of media as propaganda for Gamal Mubarak

There is no doubt that the atmosphere before the match Saturday against Algeria for qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa raised resentment and outrage among the Egyptian

US Embassy conducts survey to determine Egypt’s political powers’ influence

"The United States Embassy in Cairo is preparing to conduct a comprehensive survey which includes a large number of academic intellectuals, Political Science Professors and Social Activists.

Kifaya: Mubarak sacked Mansour to give a warning message to his son; he is still

Dr. Abdel-Halim Kandeel, the general coordinator of the Kefaya movement, said that Egypt's transport minister, Mohamed Lotfy Mansour, was forced to resign on Tuesday in a brief statement from the

Kifaya’s Chairman: Many Injustices In Egypt

Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri: Egyptians Face Injustice, There Are Security Agents In Kifaya Why has Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri accepted to take to the street after his long journey

Saad El Din Ibrahim: The Regime Days Are Numbered

In an interview with Al Mesreyoun online daily, Director of Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim dismissed repots that the US has given the Egyptian regime