Boycotting fascism?

During the last week angry young residents of Tel Aviv have been staging a sit-in, or, more accurately, a tent-in, along fashionable Rothschild Boulevard to protest their being priced out

Israel’s right-wing future

Lawrence Davidson analyses the growth of fascism in Israel, arguing that this process “did not begin ... with 1967 and the taking of the occupied territories. It did not even

19,000 Jews migrated to Israel in 2010

- 19,000 Jews, the majority of them from England, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, have migrated to Israel in 2010, at a 16 per cent increase from last year,

Israeli MKs call for assassinating Bishara, expelling Arab MKs from Knesset

Deputies in the Israeli Knesset (parliament) have called for assassinating former Arab MP Azmi Bishara, describing him as "terrorist".

Israel passes law denying prisoners lawyer visits for one year after arrest

Israel's legislative commission approved Monday a new draft law that would deny Palestinian prisoners the right to lawyer visits for one year upon arrest in an attempt to tighten restrictions

Zionism must go

Day after day, Israel is proving to all and sundry that it is more of a malignant tumor whose ultimate goal is to kill, replace, destroy and liquidate than of

Syria calls Israeli referendum decision disregard of international law

A Syrian official said the law the Israel Knesset passed Tuesday requiring a public referendum for any military pullouts in the Syrian Golan Heights territory and Jerusalem proves Israel’s disregard

Knesset to vote on bill outlawing Palestinians from living in ’48-occupied land

-- The Israeli Knesset will vote Sunday on a racist bill outlawing Palestinians from residing in 1948-occupied Palestinian territories with a majorly Jewish population.

Zionist plans to Judaize the occupied city of Lod

The Arab member of Knesset, Ibrahim Sarsour warned of Zionist attempts to Judaize upper Galilee, in northern occupied Palestine, as well as the city of Lod through settlement of Jews

J’lem rights group: Israeli planners have begun isolating Issawiya from city

A rights group in occupied Jerusalem warned Saturday that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have kicked off a new scheme aimed at isolating the city’s Arab district of Al-Issawiya from the