Kuwait files complaint with UN on IOA desecration of Mamunallah cemetery

Kuwait tabled a complaint at the UN on behalf of the Arab countries on Friday against the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) desecration of Mamunallah cemetery in occupied Jerusalem.

Escalating crisis of Egyptians ousted from Kuwait

The crisis of expelling Egyptians from Kuwait escalated after an urgent statement was submitted by Dr. Hamdy Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc.

Egypt: NDP criticized amid mounting tension

Over 200 activists assembled Tuesday in front of Egypt ’s Supreme Court protesting over the arrests and the beatings of fellow activists at a protest last week that had called

Egypt: More security than protesters highlights Kuwait Embassy demo

While there were calls on Twitter for Kuwait to “stop persecuting Egyptian opposition,” a demonstration was scheduled in front of the Kuwait Embassy in the Cairo neighborhood of Dokki.

Kuwait: Clearly declare reasons for arresting Egyptians not breaking the law

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) received what they described as “utterly disturbing news” of the arrest of Egyptians in Kuwait for supporting Mohamed ElBaradei and advocating democracy

Kuwait: Stop Persecuting Egyptian Opposition

Kuwait’s State Security forces should stop arresting and deporting expatriate supporters of Egyptian opposition candidate Dr. Mohammad ElBaradei, Human Rights Watch said Saturday. Kuwait should immediately release all remaining Egyptian

Nothing Has Changed in Iraq

Perhaps the only meaningful statement in the testimony of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in front of a committee investigating the war on Iraq, is the one that disclosed

UPR: Egyptian government Vs NGOs

Delegations praised the work of the Egyptian government in these fields and its recommendations were limited to supporting Egypt and encouraging it to continue developing in these fields.

What Do Iraqis Want?

Instead of curtailing Iraqi independent action and constantly interfering and dictating Iraqi politics, the Obama administration must respect the Iraqis’ quest for liberty and freedom, says Abbas J. Ali.

Hadass calls for the ending of the (Bedon crisis).

The Bedon problem of Kuwait began in 1959, when the nationality law in Kuwait was issued, it came clearly into sight after the independence of Kuwait in 1961, since after