Kuwait: Hadass demands the Kuwaiti government acknowledge rights of the Bidun.

A crisis escalated after the Kuwaiti parliament failed to attain a resolution on the topic of the indefinite nationality of the "Bidun" in Kuwait.

Egyptians allegedly attack Algerians in Kuwait

Egyptians are still fuming over their ousting from the World Cup. As Algerians celebrated Friday’s draw for next year’s World Cup finals in South Africa, three Algerian citizens were allegedly

Islamist Politics at MESA

Greetings from the 2009 annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, where I’ve had the pleasure of attending four panels so far, all of which were interesting.

ADU: Egypt would allow entry of Adahi meat into Gaza Strip during Eid

The emergency and relief committee of the Arab Doctors’ Union (ADU) has revealed that the Egyptian authorities would allow the entry of 200 tons of canned meat donated by charitable

Kuwait’s Islamists and ICM stand up against parliamentary normalization with IOA

Prominent Kuwaiti parliamentary leaders, declared their intention to introduce a bill in parliament prohibiting any kind of direct or indirect relations or dealings with the Israeli occupation expressing their solidarity

The Ministry Of Transportation In Kuwait Controls Blogs And Web Sites.

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, ANHRI, warns of the gravity of the news spreading that the Kuwaiti ministry of transportation is monitoring blogs and web sites.

MB Chair Welcomes Arab Reconciliation in Kuwait Summit

MB Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef welcomed the Arab reconciliation that took place in the Kuwait economic summit between the leaders describing it as "good and necessary at all times."

Akef mourns Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mitawa

Mohammed Mahdy Akef, chairman of MB , on Monday described the death of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mitawa, the well-known Kuwaiti philanthropist, as a big loss for Kuwait and the Arab and

The Chairman of Muslims Cooperation Group in Nigeria

The Chairman of Muslims Cooperation Group in Nigeria:We suffer a great shortage in humanitarian aids and need the help of the Muslim and International World

Kuwaiti reformists dig in their heels over electoral changes

Kuwait plunged into a political crisis Tuesday as opposition lawmakers appeared headed to quiz the prime minister following a controversial vote in parliament on an electoral reform bill.