Labor Party


Brotherhood and Alliance: Bahaa-Eldin Talk about Reconciliation Incorrect, Under Pressure

A leading member of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood refutes false claims made by a senior coup official in which he lays the blame on the Brotherhood for delays in reconciliation talks

Norway Massacre: The Outcome of Hate or the Beginning?

Downtown Oslo, Norway now resembles one of many war-torn streets around the world; blasted buildings, blown out windows, shattered glass, death and destruction. This is not war-time; however, there is

Egypt Opposition Praises FJP Commitment to Democractic Principles

Egyptian partisan figures welcomed the establishment of the MB’s “Freedom and Justice Party” (FJP) as an important addition to the political and partisan life in Egypt.

Politicians: January 25 Demonstration Is not a Prelude to National Uprising

Thousands of Egyptians are scheduled to take to the streets on January 25 Day of Rage demonstration at the invitation of the "6 April Youth" group.

Political Forces in Egypt Preparing for the January 25 Day of Rage Demonstration

Political forces in Egypt have stepped up their demands to take to the street on January 25 in conjunction with the celebration of Egypt's National Police.

Security ban anti-IOF rally outside Azhar Mosque.

Demonstrators were shocked to suddenly find themselves banned from entering Al-Azhar mosque by police forces.

Ten years on

The Labour Party is back, at least according to one of its factions. Mohamed Abdel-Baky reviews the reality behind the sound-bites.

MB chairman conveys with Labor Party leaders.

Dr Mohamed Badie met with members of the Labor Party earlier today in his office. During the meeting, both sides held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

Egypt: Thousands Demonstrate Against Israeli Aggression

Demonstrations continue in protest against the Israeli aggression and in solidarity with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, the recent of which took place at Tahrir Square, downtown Cairo Wednesday