Lawyers Syndicate


MB Lawyers Condemn Decision Postponing Syndicate’s Elections

The Lawyers Syndicate's Islamic General Assembly criticized the administrative court's decision to suspend the Syndicate's elections indefinitely asserting that it could lead to its falling under judicial guardianship.

Egyptian Youth Launch Facebook Page To Expose Remnants of Mubarak Regime

A group of Egyptian revolutionary youth launched a page on the social networking site Facebook called “Emsek folool”, or “Chase the Former Regime Remnants,” with the goal of exposing remnants

Attorneys for Plaintiffs Fear Mitigation of Mubarak Charges

In an interview with Ikhwanweb, Hanafi stated that in the first trial to Mubarak and Al Adly, many lawyers of the martyrs and injured were prevented from attending the hearings

Lawyers Syndicate Calls for Clearing the Ministry of Interior and Dismissal of Mahmoud Wagdy

The Human Rights Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate called on the Supreme Council for Armed Forces to completely change the staff in the Ministry of Interior statring with Minister Mahmoud

Lawyers hold Press Conference Discussing Violations Against Candidates

The Lawyers Syndicate's Freedoms Committee will be holding a press conference Sunday noon to expose security abuses against opposition's candidates

Soon enough

A court ruling due within 48 hours may help lawyers oust their syndicate council, Mona El-Nahhas explains

Parliament neglects addressing Lawyers demands

A request submitted by MP Alaa Abdul Monem failed to receive any immediate response by Parliamentary Speaker, Fathy Sorour.

Black List of the names of the Officers and Warden of Burg Al Arab prison

The Lawyers Syndicate in Alexandria announced the setting up of a list which will include the names of officers and the warden of Burg Al Arab Prison. Those on the

Lawyers syndicate compile file for mock hearing against NDP leaders.

The freedoms committee in the Lawyers Syndicate initiated a mock hearing, which is still to be scheduled. A file will be brought together including archives of the corruption, scandals and

Dakahleya: Lawyers subjected to intimidation and harassment file complaints.

Lawyers in Dakahleya have united in open solidarity protesting to the offensive treatment of the lawyers by the Prosecutor General.