MB Lawyers: Dialogue is the Solution to the Judiciary and Lawyers Crisis In Egypt

The two wings of Justice in Egypt, the judges and the lawyers are locked in a contrived conflict following the discussions of the judiciary law and the emergence of Article

Lawyers Freedom Committee calls for separation of imprisoned senior officials

The Freedoms Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate submitted a complaint to Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud, in which it demanded the distribution of symbols of the former regime in different

Lawyers will not be prevented from monitoring elections

The Sharia Committee and the Freedoms Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate has begun receiving applications from lawyers wishing to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections under the initiative “A Lawyer for

Soon enough

A court ruling due within 48 hours may help lawyers oust their syndicate council, Mona El-Nahhas explains

Lawyers’ strike postpones MB trial

The current crisis between lawyers and judges forced the postpoing of the "MB international network" case.

Police officer served 5 years prison sentence demonstrating sweet justice

Justice is served after the judiciary in the Criminal Court in Alexandria announced the 5 year sentence for Police officer Akram Soliman. Investigations proved that the officer had inflicted bodily