Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montasser: Sinai Massacre New Aggression Against Egypt

While the coup commanders' crimes in Egypt's Sinai intensify – killing many innocent citizens every day, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Montasser vows retribution for all crimes.

Islah Party Announces Decisive Storm Support

Islah Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, issues a statement announcing support for ongoing operation Decisive Storm led by Saudi Arabia and coalition countries to restore

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Yemen Situation

Noting the developing situation in Yemen with grave concern, the Muslim Brotherhood underscores the reasons for the crises faced by the region including Yemen as being the trampling of legitimacy,

PRESS STATEMENT: ICC confirms Egypt complaint still under consideration

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed that the complaint filed by the Freedom & Justice Party last year on behalf of the constitutional Government of Egypt is still under

Aswan Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Authorities Lying; Accused is No Brotherhood Member

After ignoring inter-tribal clashes in Aswan until dozens fell dead and injured, coup authorities lay the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails New Revolutionary Wave

Egypt's broad-based coalition defending democratic legitimacy escalates anti-coup defiance with a second revolutionary wave of peaceful protest action.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Criticizes Saudi Support for Repressive Junta in Egypt

Pro-legitimacy coalition urges Saudi Arabia to show solidarity with the people of Egypt rather than their oppressors, reiterating commitment to peaceful protest until the coup is defeated.

Heshmat: Egypt Crisis Solution Through Military-Free Politics, Return to Legitimacy

Egyptian ex-lawmaker Heshmat sees no exit from current crisis except with the junta relinquishing power to civilians, reinstating elected President Morsi and achieving retribution.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Repression Fuels Revolutions

The coalition of pro-legitimacy parties and movements warns against more oppressive and violent actions by coup security forces and absurd verdicts by pro-military judges.

Osama Morsi: Coup Authorities Vicious Campaigns of Demonizing Lies Target President’s Wife

While the whole world denounces Egypt’s putschists for laying ludicrous charges of espionage, terrorism and murder against the country’s President, the junta seeks to try his wife with the same