legitimate President


Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions

In response to utter lies the media has been broadcasting and circulating over the past few hours about Muslim Brotherhood decisions and positions, we stress the following: First: The revolutionary

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into

President Morsi Support Campaign: Leaks Reveal Military Coup and Junta Truth, Injustice

Military junta must reverse its illegitimate coup in Egypt and let this homeland's army get back to its sacred duty of protecting the borders, especially after the recent scandalous leaks

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Mass Murderer Will Rule Egypt

As voting in the illegitimate presidential election begins across the country, patriotic Egyptians shun the blood ballot, leaving polling stations empty.

National Alliance Calls ‘Together for Deliverance’ Friday Peaceful Protest Action

Egyptians expect Al-Sisi's presidential program to aim for a police state, run by a repressive military regime that would fail miserably, notwithstanding its maximum force handling of dissent.

Osama Morsi: Coup Commanders, Collaborators Share Power-Grab

President Morsi's son, Osama, says coup masterminds are now openly going for the chair, over many Egyptians' dead bodies.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Criticizes Saudi Support for Repressive Junta in Egypt

Pro-legitimacy coalition urges Saudi Arabia to show solidarity with the people of Egypt rather than their oppressors, reiterating commitment to peaceful protest until the coup is defeated.

Gamal Heshmat Slams Foreign Minister Remarks on Muslim Brotherhood

Although the truly Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has been strictly peaceful in its action against the coup, the junta-installed foreign minister absurdly announces that the group may be Egyptian, if it

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Government Resignation Does Not Absolve Collaborators of Guilt

Those who watched over repression and impoverishment of Egyptians will be held to task, notwithstanding show-resignation.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Demonstrations Across Egypt Tuesday

The nationwide coalition of parties and movements defending constitutional legitimacy calls all Egyptians to rally Tuesday in the heart of Cairo, in all liberty squares and streets in the provinces