Between Interference and Assistance: The Politics of International Support in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya

Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have all held relatively successful elections, ushering in parliaments and governments with popular mandates.

Egypt Opinion Leaders: Overthrow Attempts Against Democracy Aim to Delay Democratization

Leaders of opinion in Egypt denounce coup against legitimate, democratically elected institutions by the elite representing minority opposition who want to impose their will over the majority.

Muslim Brotherhood Clarifies Contention Points in Article 2 of Constitution

Brotherhood leader and member of the Egyptian panel entrusted with writing the country’s new national charter, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, explains the tug of war between secularists and liberals on the

PBS Interview with Shadi Hamid: Why Is America Reaching Out to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?

As the final results of Egypt’s parliamentary elections come in this week, the country’s Islamists are walking away the biggest winners.

Basem Sabry-Egypt’s Liberals and the Elections- Ahram

While it is important to understand what advantages Islamists had in the elections, it is also important to understand where liberal and secular forces failed

Egypt Islamist party says wants to boost tourism

The Muslim Brotherhood's party, leading in a parliamentary election, wants to boost tourist numbers to Egypt and will not take steps that would harm the industry, a party official told

MB Chairman: Egypt Needs National Consensus

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that Egypt now needs a consensus president, and reiterated that the MB is committed not to run for the presidency.

FJP’s Rafiq Habib: Elections’ Results Sign of Healthy Political Diversity

Egypt’s historical parliamentary elections, witnessed crowds flocking to cast their votes and express their will. Preliminary results reveal that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), is leading the polls; results

The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Twitter

Miriam can't stop talking. And when she does, it's mostly to look down at a torrent of emails, SMSs, and tweets flooding her smartphone. It's been a heady nine months

Political Parties and Presidential Candidates Reject Selmi Initiatives

The constitutional initiatives proposed by Dr. Ali Selmi, Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt, on establishing so called basic principles for drafting the Egyptian Constitution,