Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Stop the Lunatic” Peaceful Protest Week

 The sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims) did not prevent the illegitimate coup regime from overburdening Egyptians with excessive weights. At the same

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Egypt Coup Regime Aggression on Libya

 While the coup gang in Egypt is unable to reach the real culprits who committed the recent Minya attack or previous serious incidents, this failing junta is reaching out to

Libya’s Justice & Construction Party Welcomes Convening of House of Representatives

Amidst the difficult conditions currently experienced by Libya, as a result of the political divide and armed conflicts tearing apart the homeland, the fragility of the security situation, the almost

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supports Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya

 While our beloved country is witnessing a great many momentous events that threaten the homeland with waves of sedition, discord and division, we find a glimmer of hope in the

Muslim Brotherhood on International Workers Day: Military Junta Trample All Rights

A statement by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urging workers and all citizens to rise in revolt to oust the traitorous junta-appointed regime and reinstate democratic legitimacy.

Libya Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Internal Strife Situation

Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood is following with concern the current situation in the country, with the economic crises, political developments and repercussions, security threats, violence and chaos that allow saboteurs to

Libya’s Justice & Construction Party Announces Its Support for National Unity Government

Libya's Justice and Construction Party, affiliated with the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, urges all citizens, groups and individuals to actively support peace initiative to put an

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Statement on Current Crises

The Shura Council (SC) of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, at the conclusion of its last meeting – of Friday and Saturday January 29 and 30, 2016 – reviewed the serious crises

Egyptian Revolutionary Council’s Maha Azzam: Sisi Incompetent Military Despot

ERC's Maha Azzam accuses Sisi of tearing the very fabric of Egyptian society; advises world powers to wash their hands of Sisi's atrocities.

Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement: ‘Save Egypt’ Message for All

The broadbased coalition of Egyptian parties and groups opposed to the illegitimate coup assures that patriotic revolutionaries will save Egypt from the tyrannical yoke of military rule repression.