Libyan Government


The War Journal: Challenges to Libya After Gaddafi

As of writing, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi is teetering on the edge of defeat in Tripoli.

Urgent Action: The Terror of al-Kaddafi Regime Targets Ezbaidah Family in Tripoli

Human Rights Solidarity (LHRS) and Euro-Mediterranean Federation against Enforced Disappearance (FEMED) are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the civilian population in Tripoli.

Human Relief Doctors Denied Entry to Libya

Authorities at Salloum Land Port prevented a number of students from the convoy of the Human Relief Agency in Egypt ’s Doctor’s Syndicate from crossing into Libyan territories, alleging that

Showdown in Libya

Weary residents in Libya have already endured more than a month of fighting as Moamer Gaddafi's forces pour rocket fire onto cities. Residents now blame NATO for failing to stop

Chavez’s peace plan agreed on by Gaddafi and Mousa

Al-arabiya news channel has reported that Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has called for an international mediation effort to seek a peaceful solution to the uprising against Libyan leader Gaddafi.

Urgent appeal

Human rights Solidarity said , it is following the situation in Libya with grave concern , on the violations which the security militias are executing against Libyan citizens, according the

Gaddafi’s son: Libya is at a crossroads and everybody wants a piece

In a televised statement on State TV Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader addressed the people stating that the region is experiencing an earthquake, a storm adding that

Save The Libyans From the Savage Dictator

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that news coming from Libya reveal that the number of victims of protests demanding democracy in Benghazi alone has reached about

Libyan writer detained following protest call

A Libyan writer and political commentator arrested last week and accused of a driving offence appears to have been targeted for calling for peaceful protests in the country, Amnesty International

Libya: 20 Detained Journalists released from Detention

According to news reports from Libya, the 20 journalists unlawfully detained by the Internal Security Agency (ISA) have been released in the late hours of Monday, 8th November 2010.