Libyan MB


Suspicions Linger as Libya and US break the Ice

While the two countries have come a long way, hard work lies ahead if both Libya and the US are serious about final rapprochement. For Libya, it’s far more important

Libyan MB Chairman: We seek Civil Society-Inspired Reform

The strict dictatorial policy adopted by the Libyan regime makes it difficult, nay, impossible for one to get information now that the Libyan people is denied access to it in

Libyan MB Applauds Reform Initiatives Proposed By Gaddafi’s Son

In its first comment on the reform initiatives proposed by Saif el Islam al Gaddafi, the son of Libyan President, the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in Libya issued a statement hailing

Libyan MB Skeptical of US Decision to Restore Ties With Libya

The Libyan Muslim Brotherhood refuses foreign intervention even under the umbrella of reform and human rights. It is time to deal with internal reform demands with the same interest and

Interview With Libyan Brotherhood’s Chairman

Amid the outcry that spread across Libya following the violence that hit Benghazi during the popular protests over the cartoons that left 23 dead and 100 wounded, El-Manarh had this

Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, A Statement on Benghazi Mayhem

We regretfully received the news of the death of eighteen citizens during Friday’s peaceful protest against defamatory and provocative statements of the Italian minister about Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon