Libya’s Justice & Construction Party Welcomes Convening of House of Representatives

Amidst the difficult conditions currently experienced by Libya, as a result of the political divide and armed conflicts tearing apart the homeland, the fragility of the security situation, the almost

Libya Muslim Brotherhood Statement on General Haftar’s Desperate Coup Attempt

The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya says violent upheaval is a ferocious and illegitimate coup attempt by an outlaw called Khalifa Haftar, assisted by certain parties lusting after power.

Following Gaddafi’s Demise, MB Warns Arab Dictators: People Always Prevail

Following the news of Libyan leader Gaddafi’s death, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), congratulated to the Libyan people for winning their freedom from the criminal and the oppressive regime, calling on

MB Calls on Libyan Factions to Unite and Draft Modern Constituti?on

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) expressed its pleasure at the announcement made by Libya that it has been completely liberated after decades under an oppressive and criminal rule.

Syrian MB Denies Power Sharing With Regime

Muslim Brotherhood comptroller in Syria, Riyad Alshaqfa, asserted that the group has not and will not accept the initiative of dividing governance with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

MB Urges Libyans to Unite As They Gear Up for Country Rebuilding

The Muslim Brotherhood urged Libyans to unite as they clean-up and rebuild their country after decades of ruling by autocratic and corrupt regime.

The War Journal: Challenges to Libya After Gaddafi

As of writing, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi is teetering on the edge of defeat in Tripoli.

MB Urges Remaining Arab Dictators to Learn from Libyan Revolution, Relinquish Power

Another tyrant has fallen after he ruled his country with iron and fire, oppression and terror, prisons and detention camps, gallows and assassinations for more than forty years.

NATO Airstrikes Questioned

NATO is planning to intensify attacks on the headquarters, palaces and communication centres that Colonel Qaddafi utilizes to hold onto power.

MB Statement on Atrocities Committed by Libya’s Gaddafi, Yemen’s Saleh against their People

The Muslim Brotherhood's hearts are heavy because of the insane war waged by the Libyan regime in which he uses heavy weapons including tanks and artillery against his people who