Israeli Navy Encircles “Dignity” at Sea

Three Israeli navy ships are encircling the French boat “Dignity” and blocking it from continuing its sail to the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission, press reports said on Tuesday.

FJP Condemns Israeli Blocking of French Vessel Headed for Gaza

Freedom and Justice Party Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny strongly criticised the Israeli naval forces which forcefully took over the French vessel Dignite al-Karama en route to Gaza to break

Libyan medical aid convoy arrives in Gaza

A Libyan aid convoy carrying medicine and ambulance vehicles is expected to arrive in Gaza Strip on Tuesday via the Rafah border terminal with Egypt.

Galloway: Lifeline 5 achieved its goals

Former British MP George Galloway, the founder and head of the Viva Palestina organization, said on Tuesday that the Lifeline 5 aid convoy to the Gaza Strip had achieved great

Sawalha: The Siege on Gaza must end now

Mohammed Sawalha, the deputy-head of the international committee for breaking the siege on Gaza, said on Thursday that the lifeline 5 convoy came to Gaza to deliver clear and sound

Lifeline 5 enters Gaza Strip amidst big jubilation

Members of the lifeline 5 convoy have arrived Thursday to the besieged Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point after the Egyptian authorities allowed them entry following marathon negotiations full

Lifeline 5 to leave this evening for Al-Arish seaport

The fifth aid convoy Lifeline for Gaza will leave Tuesday evening for the Egyptian seaport of Al-Arish after a delay in its departure due to financial problems with the cargo

Internat’l Lifeline 5 aid convoy to Gaza delayed by side factors

Delays on the Lifeline 5 aid convoy’s departure were caused by an extortion attempt by the ship’s cargo operators, the Palestinian Information Center learned.

Members of lifeline convoy head to Latakia port to pressure Egyptians

A part of the lifeline aid convoy to Gaza would move toward the Syrian port of Latakia on Monday to pressure the Egyptians into expediting issuing a permit to allow

Egypt sends positive indicators to allow Lifeline (5) into Gaza Strip

Organizers of the Lifeline (5) convoy have received positive indicators from the Egyptian government that the caravan could cross into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point.