Mahmoud Ezzat


Press Statement: Mahmoud Ezzat is Still Muslim Brotherhood Acting-Chairman

 The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that Dr Mahmoud Ezzat is still the group’s acting-chairman, in charge of all its affairs. His deputy is Ibrahim Munir. The group calls on everyone to

Muslim Brotherhood Acting-Chief Ezzat Offers Condolences to Capsized Ship Victims’ Families

 I extend sincere condolences to the families of the young people who drowned off the coast of Kafr El-Sheikh (on the Mediterranean), Egyptians who tried to escape the hardships of

Mahmoud Ezzat: Insults, Violence Will Not Break Muslim Brotherhood Resolve to Serve Egypt

Brotherhood leader Ezzat affirms that the group will not be disheartened by old regime thugs and cronies resorting to extreme and desperate verbal and physical violence against the group and

Dr. Badie Heads Muslim Brotherhood Delegation; Offers Condolences on Death of Pope Shenouda III

Brotherhood Chairman Badie mourns death of a great Coptic thinker and leader, describing him as a symbol of conservative wisdom who dedicated his life to the service of his homeland.

Brotherhood Leader Visits Pope Shenouda; Wishes Him Good Health

In a warm meeting with Pope Shenouda III, Egyptian Brotherhood’s chief Dr. Badie prays for the health of the country's top Coptic leader.

Muslim Brotherhood to Help Protect Churches During New Year Celebrations

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) said in its Wednesday statement that it will send a high-profile delegation led by Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Vice Chairman of the MB, to convey their wishes

MB Chairman Meets Sudan’s VP

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which included Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, Deputy Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and Secretary

Muslim Brotherhood Students Acknowledge Roles of Former Group Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students produced a documentary film highlighting the history of the group’s members. The film, which was screened during the MB’s First Student Conference in Cairo Saturday,

MB Welcomes Halt of Military Trials for Two Activists

Vice Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ezzat welcomed the military court's dropping of charges against Asmaa Mahfouz and Loay Nagaty, the two revolutionary activists who were charged with criticizing

MB Hosts Iftar Honoring Revolution Martyrs

The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie hosted an Iftar remembering and honouring the victims that were killed in the January 25 Revolution on Saturday at the group’s headquarters in