Mahmoud Hussein


Press Statement by Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General news website falsely claimed that Dr Mahmoud Hussein, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary-General, had handed over a list of names of some of the group’s youths to then Prime Minister

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Refutes Coup Media Fake News

 Recently, dubious media outlets have been reporting false news about the Muslim Brotherhood in imaginary meetings with Saudi and Egyptian junta officials and ‘reconciliation’ initiatives, in an attempt to distract

Press Statement: Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Denies Dialogue Claims

Dr Mahmoud Hussein, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary-General, said news of reconciliation initiatives supposedly discussed or sought with the current regime in Egypt in a meeting between him and Dr Saad-Eddin

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptian Revolutionary Unity

A press release from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls on all patriotic people and groups to close ranks and unite to complete the January 25 (2011) Revolution with no delay, nor

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein Calls for Unity, Cooperation

Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein urges all loyal patriotic Egyptians to close ranks and unite in preparation for post-coup essential work.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Delegation Offers Condolences for Mandela Death

Leaders representing Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy offer heartfelt condolences for the passing of the great leader, former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein Refutes Hostile Media Myths

Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein criticizes the media’s frenzied and relentless campaign against the group.

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Criticizes John Kerry Remarks

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General, rejects an absurd statement reported by news agencies, attributed to John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, in which Kerry claimed the Brotherhood stole the

Brotherhood Denounces Alleged Meeting with Military-Appointed President’s Media Advisor

The military junta’s infernal media machine churns out a new propaganda ploy to fraudulently beautify the traitorous commanders and collaborators, pretending they are negotiating with Islamists.

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release, Regarding Dr. Salah Sultan Alleged Message

The Muslim Brotherhood’s response to Dr. Salah Sultan’s supposed comments in which he apologized to all Egyptians for the group’s mistakes.