Egypt FJP Delivers Katatni Speech in Malaysia UMNO Party Annual General Assembly

The Freedom and Justice Party welcomes Malaysia’s support for democracy and electoral legitimacy in Egypt, attending UMNO’s annual conference in the most populous capital Kuala Lumpur.

Mahathir Mohamed: Postrevolution Egypt Changing Fast; People Must Unite for Real Renaissance

Malaysia’s former PM advises Egyptians keen on learning lessons of success to shun violence, pull together for progress, and do their patriotic duties just as they demand their freedoms and

Brotherhood’s Aref: National Harmony a Patriotic, Historic Duty for Egypt Renaissance

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood agrees with former PM of Malaysia, reaffirming its commitment to achieving national accord as a necessary element in effecting real progress and rejuvenation.

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Mahathir Mohamed in Renaissance Experiences Conference

Former Malaysian PM visits Egypt to participate Sunday in an FJP’s conference on rejuvenation and development, or Nahda, as already experienced in Malaysia.

Egypt Receives Extensive Export Orders for ‘Egyptian iPad’; Manufactures First Car Soon

With production of the first Egyptian ‘iPad-like’ tablet PC just started, order lists are filling up fast, while the country prepares for manufacturing its first car in years.

Serious diseases in Gaza with electric shock-like symptoms

Dr. Nawaz Hussain, head of the Malaysian medical delegation that recently landed in Gaza, revealed an outbreak of a new illness in the Gaza Strip having symptoms similar to electric

Ashton calls for allowing Gaza to export goods

Catherine Ashton, the European foreign policy chief, called on Monday for allowing exports from Gaza to the outside world in order to boost its economy.

Malaysian aid convoy arrives in Gaza Strip

Relief aid and medicines from the Aman Palestine Institute in Malaysia with an estimated worth of $100,000US arrived in Gaza on Sunday morning via the Egyptian Rafah crossing.

Malaysian Prime Minister calls for international trial of Israeli officials

Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, said on Monday that Israeli officials are "global gangsters," and demanded their prosecution before the International Court of Justice for their attack on


What happened downtown last Tuesday, when the police dispersed and arrested 91 of about 200 young activists at a vigil commemorating the demonstrations in el-Mahalla el-Kobra on 6 April 2008,