Mansoura University


The trading of organs in Egypt faces opposition.

Soheila a 32-year-old from the fertile Nile Delta region is one of many people caught up in a thriving trade for illegal organs in Egypt, where there is no legal

Detainees in Daqahleya have reached 53 Muslim Brotherhood members.

State security continued their campaign against members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement where arrests were made in the Daqahleya Governorate.

A Protest Against the Dismissal of 13 Student at the Faculty of Law

Students of the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, have organised a protests on Monday 27th of April against the dismissal of 13 MB students for an entire semester as well

9 Mansoura University Students Dismissed

The Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, dismissed on Sunday 9 students after referring them to a disciplinary panel for performing the play "Congratulations on the son" and for their protests

Egypt: 9000 Students Join Free Students Union election

The Lawyers’ Syndicate hosted, on November 21, 2006, students from 12 universities all over Egypt, where the Free Student Union election was held earlier this month. The Syndicate witnessed the

Council of Free Students Formed at Mansoura University

Attended by a large number of students, the council of the Free Student Union at Mansoura University, north of Egypt, was formed, on Saturday November 18, 2006. 8 students from