Dakahlia Martyrs of Manassah Massacre by Military Coup Forces 3 Years Ago

The stories of three young Egyptians killed – along with more than a 100 other peaceful protesters – by junta forces in the horrific Manassah (Podium) massacre on July 27,

Muslim Brotherhood Remembers Mansoura Massacre of Women, Girls in Peaceful Protest

 Today (Wednesday), we mark the third anniversary of the Mansoura massacre of women and girls (of July 20, 2013), which claimed the lives of four women and girls, and injured

Rights Group Laments Court Final Approval of Death Sentences Against 5 Opponents of Egypt Coup

Rough justice: Arbitrarily rounded up, illegally subjected to forced disappearance, and ruthlessly tortured into signing false self-incriminating confessions, anti-coup citizens are sentenced to death in farcical sham trials.

Activists Continue Campaigns Against Execution of Youth Opposed to Coup

Activists in Egypt's Mansoura continue their 'Stop Youth Execution' (#إعدام_الشباب) campaign rejecting death sentences issued against opponents of the military coup in Dakahlia.

Students Against The Coup – Mansoura University: First Girl in Egypt Military Trial

Background details of the military trial which today (Thursday) sentenced student Esraa Maher to two years in jail and a fine of 50,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Muslim Brotherhood: In Eighth Month of Daily Revolt, Egyptians Determined to Wrest Rights

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urges more peaceful popular protest and persistence, to accelerate the fall of the illegitimate coup regime and the restoration of full rights of the people.

PRESS RELEASE: Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemn Attack on Police Headquarters in Mansoura

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack on the police headquarters in Mansoura.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Denounces Mansoura Bombing

Just before dawn Tuesday, a loud explosion rocked the city of Mansoura, damaged Dakahlia Security Directorate and killed and injured dozens of people.

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Strongly Condemns Mansoura Explosion Incident

Egypt’s anti-coup, pro-democracy coalition denounces the bombing Tuesday of a police directorate, and urges Egyptians to persevere in their revolt, with renewed commitment to non-violent defiance.

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Leaders Condemn All Violence

Following the Mansoura bombing Tuesday, leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, denounce all violence and reiterate commitment to peaceful protest.