Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Gaza Massacre

As the world watched in horror the massacre committed by the Zionist enemy in Gaza against peaceful protestors who reject the occupation, the US president announced, at a grand Zionist

Muslim Brotherhood Commemorates 48th Anniversary of Bahr el Baqar Massacre

On April 8th, 1970, the Zionist entity launched air strikes, using the US-made Phantom war planes, on Bahr el Baqar elementary school in Sharqiyya province, killing more than 30 children,

Pro-Democracy Egypt National Alliance Calls “Stand Steadfast” Peaceful Protest Week

We still live the memories of August 2013, where horrific massacres executed in cold blood by coup junta forces claimed the lives of thousands of martyrs – as more Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood Marks the 4th Anniversary of the Republican Guard Massacre

With Egypt tragically transformed into a large prison, because of the policies of the coup regime, the security situation continues to deteriorate rapidly, endangering the homeland’s national security with great

Dakahlia Martyrs of Manassah Massacre by Military Coup Forces 3 Years Ago

The stories of three young Egyptians killed – along with more than a 100 other peaceful protesters – by junta forces in the horrific Manassah (Podium) massacre on July 27,

Plea from Fateh Mosque Incident Detainees

The Fateh Mosque clashes (August 16, 2013), happened just after the criminal military coup in Egypt, where junta forces attacked thousands of protesters in Fateh Mosque, killing hundreds and arbitrarily

1104 Deaths Documented, Verified So Far – Confirmed Victims of Egypt Junta’s Rabaa Massacre

The Rabaa Story Foundation announces results of the first stage of its documentation and verification process of the Rabaa Square massacre by military and police forces in Egypt in August

ERC Press Statement: Rabaa Massacre Second Anniversary

Today marks two years since the tragic Rabaa Massacre in Egypt where military and police forces dispersed, by brutal force, the peaceful sit-ins of Rabaa Square in Cairo and Nahda

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser’s Twitter Campaign Marks Rabaa Massacre 2nd Anniversary

In a few days, the second anniversary of the massacre of the century will be upon us. May God have mercy on the Martyrs of Rabaa and Nahda squares, the

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montasser: Sinai Massacre New Aggression Against Egypt

While the coup commanders' crimes in Egypt's Sinai intensify – killing many innocent citizens every day, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Montasser vows retribution for all crimes.