Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Marks Rabaa Massacre Fourth Anniversary

On the fourth anniversary of the bloodiest and most horrific massacre in Egypt’s modern history, the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) affirms that it is no time for silent

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Rabaa Massacre Continues” Peaceful Protest Week

Four lean years have passed since the horrific Rabaa and Nahda massacres – the massacres of the century. Four years, but the vengeful blood-spilling has not stopped. Four years of

Muslim Brotherhood Marks the Day Junta Treachery Bullets Killed 53 Worshippers, Including 5 Children

The world woke up at dawn on Monday – July 8, 2013 to the horrifying sounds of the Egyptian army’s and security forces’ bullets tearing the flesh of thousands of

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week

A statement from the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance condemns the fascist Sisi regime's torching of Egypt and calls mass demonstrations on Friday.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Condemns Assad Aleppo (Syria) Massacres

A press release from Ahmed Assem, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, on the latest massacre of civilians in Syria by Assad forces.

Rights Organization: Coup Forces Attack Foreign and Egyptian Journalists Covering Protests Monday

Arab Observatory for Media Freedom denounces coup security forces' brutality against media professionals doing their duty, and the forces' attempt to storm the Egyptian Journalists' Union HQ.

Egypt Youth Against the Coup to Steadfast Political Prisoners: Your Freedom Our Goal

The 'Youth Against the Coup' movement urges all Egyptians to join mass protests on Monday – April 25 to pressure the military junta to release all prisoners of conscience.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Egypt Above All’ Week of Anti-Coup Peaceful Protests.

The broadbased anti-coup coalition in Egypt issued this statement in support of calls to mass demonstrations Friday in protest of Sisi's handover of two Egyptian islands to Saudi Arabia.

Aqrab Detainees Hunger-Strike Continues for Second Month

Political Prisoners at Aqrab Prison, Egypt's Guantanamo, start a second month of continuous hunger-strike in protest of brutal ill-treatment, torture and extreme humiliation used by junta authorities to punish all

Anti-Coup Sinai Women Movement Message on International Women’s Day

Sinai Women Against the Coup vows steadfast peaceful resistance in the face of junta forces' brutal genocide in North Sinai, until the ouster of all putschists and reinstatement of democracy