MB arrest


Amnesty calls on regime to respect oppositions right to campaign

A 28-page report has been documented by Amnesty since Friday recording the crackdown on opposition activity in the run-up to the election listing procedures by the authorities to restrict public

43 MBs arrested overnight with the approach of elections

This is not the first violation committed by the ministry of the interior against the opposition prior to public or presidential elections. The ministry of the interior has become accustomed

Security continues aggression arresting 13 MB

Security forces continued their aggressive campaigns against supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Alexandria.

Escalating arrests of Alexandria’s MB

A rising tide of arbitrary arrests by the Interior Ministry's security apparatus has, affected members of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition members in Alexandria. The sea port city witnessed 10 more

Civil Liberties Groups Condemn MB Arrests in Alexandria

Liberties Committees belonging to Journalists' and Lawyers' Syndicates condemned the fierce campaign of arrests in which more than 70 members of the group and candidates' supporters were arrested at dawn

UPDATED: 70 MB members arrested in Alexandria ahead of parliamentary polls

Security services in Alexandria launched it's most aggressive clampdown on the Muslim Brotherhood since the group confirmed it would participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

MB: Al-Adly’s neutrality in the election on for show

Dr. Ahmed Diab, the deputy secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, expressed surprise over the Egyptian Interior Minister Habib el-Adly renewed commitment.

Egypt: 4 MB arrests as nomination for Shura council approaches

State Security raided the houses of four prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders early Sunday. Come elections, arrest campaigns appear to be the only language understood by the ruling regime.

Rage in Ismailia as number of detainees rises to 97

Anger escalated in the Egyptian governorate of Ismailia as the number of MB detainees increased.

Dozens of MB arrests in Egypt’s provinces

High ranking leaders of the group from Giza, Sharqia, Menoufiya, and Dakahliya were among detainees