MB Bloc


Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the Peoples’ Representative

"Have mercy on the Egyptian people.. have mercy on the Egyptian people," roared Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the then Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the 2005 People’s

MB: Contact With The US Was Limited To MPs

Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, welcomed the statement by the US government about communicating with the Muslim Brotherhood, stating that it was open to mature, respectful

US Resumes “Limited Contact” with MB

Referring to the changing political landscape in Egypt, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stressed that it is in the US’s best interests to engage with the Muslim Brotherhood and

Mohsen Radi: Copts to Preoccupy Senior Posts in MB’s Party

Mohsen Radi, former member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc and a member of the People's Parliament, has announced that the Freedom and Justice party’s membership will be open

Ketatni, Leader of Freedom and Justice Party

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced that it has named Dr. Saad Ketatni, former head of the Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc, as the leader of the founders of its Freedom and Justice

Over 100,000 suicide attempts in 2010 by desperate citizens suffering poor living conditions

According to a recent report by the Cabinet Information Centre over 100,000 suicide attemps were recorded in 2010 in Egypt alone.

Former MB MP: People’s Parliament Formed by End of Week

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, former secretary-general of the 2005Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, affirmed the end of the necessary preparations for the people’s parliament.

Former MB MP demands immediate investigation into death of tortured victim

In a serious escalation and violation of human rights, the Security Directorate of Alexandria threatened the family of Alexandria's torture victim Sayed Bilal, who died in State security headquarters during

Experts: Brotherhood’s Participation in the People’s Parliament Ensure its Survival

Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight

MB Decides to Take Part in the People’s Parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood has officially announced their engagement in the proposal package put forward by the parties and political forces under the name of ‘The People's Parliament’.