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AOL: Lively Internet Front Opens in Egypt’s Political War

The Muslim Brotherhood, whose English website is shown above, is Egypt's largest opposition group and has developed one of the strongest Web presences in the country.

The Loss Of Popularity Of Egyptian Blogging

The active blogs of a few years ago, which scrutinised social violence and confrontations between the opposition and the police, seem to have waned in popularity today. Their success was

Muslim Brotherhood launches its own version of Facebook

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s powerful Islamist opposition movement, will launch its own version of the hugely popular social networking website Facebook within the next several months, its members say.

MB in Egypt refute allegations of affiliation with Nigeria’s so called Muslim Brotherhood

Stories were published today and posted online stirring up and stimulating important intellectual and political discourse among Islamists and in particular the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who found themselves part

Banning Skype rumors in Egypt

Blogger Israa el-Sakka wrote that she was unable to log into to Skype and when she called Vodafone they told her that Telecom Egypt had told the company to bar

Egypt’s Brothers inaugurate global IkhwanWiki encyclopedia

Members of "Ikhwan Wiki" launched the Muslim Brotherhood's Wikipedia, the Group's new encyclopedia and largest documentary website similar to "Wikipedia", a free and open-access encyclopedia on the 61st anniversary of

Threat to Social Media in Middle East

Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays an important role in blocking/filtering websites. In its role as a licensed ISP and in response to customer requests, ISPs have a clear policy that

Electronic Day against IOF’s blockade of Gaza March 9

Internet activists have agreed to change their profile photo on the popular social networking site "Facebook"

Muslim Brotherhood use new media to document history

The Brotherhood uses its own website as a news portal featuring the group's latest news, publishing their press releases and announcements as well as op-eds by some of the group's

Muslim Brotherhood’s mysterious Wikis

The wiki, which is still in its early stages with a little over 1700 accessible articles, provides the Ikhwan perspective of their own history and events in which they were