MB Candidate


Aza Al-Garf, Strong Voice in New Parliament Advocating Women Rights

During an international press conference following the 2010 parliamentary elections which were marred by vote-rigging and before the January revolution, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for the women's quota Aza Al-Garf

The Muslim Brotherhood’s New Power In Egypt’s Parliament

The question of what Islamists want has acquired new urgency, thanks to Egypt's ongoing elections -- which appear poised to hand the Muslim Brotherhood's political party, Freedom and Justice (FJP),

FJP Press Release No: 25

The Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP), continues to observe with concern the counting of votes of the first round of the second phase of the parliamentary elections in numerous divisions

Egyptian Legislative Elections, (Second Round), FJP Press Release No. (24)

Final results for the first round of the second phase of Egyptian People’s Assembly elections started to roll in, over the past few hours.Evidently, turnoutwas 60% of eligible electoratefor this

FJP Holds First Forum for Elected MPs

In a forum held by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for its newly elected parliamentarians, the party’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Morsi addressed the audience which included sixty-five MP’s from

FJP Press Release No. (13), Runoff Starts

Today, Monday 5/Dec/2011, runoff voting for the first phase of the People’s Assembly elections 2011 started. Engaged in this round are 47 candidates from the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

Disappointment After Court Halts Journalists’ Elections

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for the Journalists Syndicate elections Hany Al-Mekawy expressed his disappointment after court decision halting their elections.

MB receive acquittal to slogan case

An Alexandria court ruled in favour of 14 Muslim Brotherhood members who were accused of using the religious motto “Islam is the solution” during the 2010 parliamentary elections.

MB Warns of Aftermath of Egyptian Parliamentary Election’s Quake

Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau, has warned of serious consequences of the so-called ‘earthquake’ that took place in Egypt's much-criticised parliamentary elections.