MB Candidates


Media Attacks by NDP against Parallel Parliament

The National Democratic Party (NDP) is studying a plan to besiege the parallel parliament which was formed by the opposition and former MPs in a clear message objecting to the

Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

The number of cases and appeals against the 2010 parliamentary elections reached 4299 lawsuits including 1426 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court alone.

Egypt’s 2010 Elections – Fraud, Oppression and Hope for Change

Eygpt’s 2010 parliamentary elections will go down in history as a blatant fraud and crime against democracy and the people it represents.

Opposition MPs Pledge to Egyptians to Overthrow Fraud Parliament

Ousted MPs and opposition figures, in a privileged popular scene, have made a vow to the Egyptian people to move forward and end the legitimacy of the new Parliament

Youm7 Takes Back Its False News and Confirms Hazem Farouk Will Not Enter the Run-off

Youm7.com noted that Hazem Farouk from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc withdrew from the runoff.

Egypt’s NDP secures well deserved sleight of hand title during round two of poll

After round two of Egypt’s controversial parliamentary elections the ruling National Democratic Party will undoubtedly emerge with all but a handful of the seats after the Muslim Brotherhood its strongest

Tug-of-War – The Regime vs the MB

The 2010 elections in Egypt sent a very clear message to both the opposition and the general populace that anyone opposing the NDP will face tyranny.

Down but not Out for the Count – MB Boycotts Runoffs

One big, fat zero! That is what the Muslim Brotherhood is said to have got for their concerted efforts in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Human Rights Report: 1165 Violations Including 6 deaths and 326 Cases including Sexual Harassment in

The Human Rights Association reports 1165 violations, including 6 deaths and 326 cases including sexual harassment during the parliamentary elections, which were held two days ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood Bows out Graciously

The Muslim Brotherhood is boycotting the second round of voting in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 5, after being all but shut out in the first round of voting.