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Rights Organization: 172 Junta Violations Against Journalists in 2015 To-Date, Mostly by Police

Police has lion's share of violations committed against journalists in the first half of 2015.

Coup Authorities Move Seriously Ill Muslim Brotherhood Leader Akef to Toughest Prison

Having arrested 87-year old Akef on political trumped-up charges, on the day the coup was announced in 2013, the putschists now move him from hospital to the notorious Aqrab prison

Badie and Al-Shater Lawyers: Muslim Brotherhood Trials Evidently Political

A twist in the politicized trial of Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, on trumped up charges of incitement to violence, sees presiding judges withdraw after feeling ' embarrassment ' over the

Badie Family: Brotherhood Chairman in High Morale Despite Solitary Confinement

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie’s family visited him in prison today, assures his health is good despite earlier scare, and says he is hopeful of triumph over repression, soon.

Muslim Brotherhood: Badie Gunshot False ‘Report’ Part of Ongoing Hostile Media Campaign

Anti-Brotherhood hate endeavors continue, with dubious ‘news’ websites reporting falsely that Chairman Badie was shot outside the group’s Guidance Bureau HQ.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: Desperate Attempts to Undermine National Unity Will Fail

Brotherhood leader Badie offers sincere condolences to families of those who died in Khossos clashes Saturday, and urges authorities to bring perpetrators to justice.

Badie to British Ambassador: Muslim Brotherhood Irrevocably Condemns All Acts of Violence

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie reiterates the group’s continued commitment to peaceful action, legal process and democratic mechanisms for all activities, despite brutal and violent provocation.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Wishes Egyptian Churches Happy Christmas Celebrations

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie expresses sincere congratulations to all Christians celebrating Christmas as the group and its party, the FJP, visit Egypt’s three Churches today.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Condemns Military Council Performance

Egypt’s Brotherhood leader asserts that Mohamed Morsi is President of all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, Moderates and leftists and all.

French Ambassador Visits Muslim Brotherhood Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman receives French Ambassador to Egypt, expresses gratitude for France’s stance in support of Syrian people against Assad’s brutally repressive regime.