MB Detainees


MB Calls on Government for Five Immediate Changes to Secure Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy, has announced that the MB has put together five demands urging the Egyptian regime to immediately put them into effect asserting that they

Giza’s Attorney General Receives Complaint against Torture of MB Member

A 35-year-old accountant and a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in 6th of October, Mohammed Ali Darwish, submitted a complaint to Judge Mohammed Zekri, head of the North Giza prosecution office,

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on MB International Networking Case

At a time when Egyptians are living in critical moments, suffering distress and are in the darkest circumstances because of the regime's repressive practices, and at a time when all

2010 Records Highest Number of MB Arrests Totalling over 6000

According to the latest count the Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud has maintained that 2010 has proved to have harvested the largest number of MB detainees so far.

15 day detention order to 6 MB leaders

In an evident drawback from reform Supreme State Security, late Monday decided to issue a 15 day detention order to the 6 MB members who were arrested in the Egyptian

Former MB MP: Arbitrary Arrests against Brothers Doomed to Failure

Dr. Farid Ismail, former member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, has emphasized that the arbitrary detention pursued by the government of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) against the Brotherhood

Nine Leading MB Members Arrested in Two Days

Egypt’s largest and strongest opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, have asserted that nine members of the group have been arrested after having their houses raided including a member of the

Six Former MB MPs Arrested and Houses Raided

Security forces raided the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters in Sharqeya Sunday afternoon arresting 6 MB high ranking members including Executive Bureau member Dr. Mohyee Hamed.

12 MB detainees released including AlJazeera reporter

Qatar-based news network Al-Jazeera has reported that Egyptian authorities have released reporter Mohamed Badr arrested in the run-up to Egypt’s parliamentary elections. Badr was also the husband of the Muslim

The MB Describes the Regime as Weak and Calls for the Release of Al-Shater

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the regime of being weak because of the continuation of a forged parliament and the failure to implement judicial rulings which ruled that it is