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FJP Female MP Says Will Represent Entire Community, not just Women

FJP online interviewed Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) newly elected MP in Daqahleya Seham Al-Gamal, previously a candidate in the 2010 parliamentary election in the women's quota, where she fell

Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home

If you want to understand the Islamic forces that are gaining strength in Egypt and scaring people here and abroad, let me tell you about my dinner in the home

Ikhwanweb Blog: Thoughts of a Muslim Brotherhood Young Woman about Norway Blast

When I first heard of the massacre that took place in Oslo last Friday, I wasn’t shocked as much as I was irritated. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I

FJP Chairman: Partnership With Europe is Crucial

In his meeting with European officials Tuesday at the party's headquarters in Cairo, Mohamed Morsi, chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed the importance of partnership with Europe

Al-Shater: Representation of Women in the MB Higher Than Any Other Organization

Engineer Khayrat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that the key and effective role of women cannot be marginalized.

MB Will Field New Faces in the Upcoming Elections

Saad El-Husseini of the MB’s Executive Bureau stated that a change in the candidates running for the upcoming parliamentary elections is 50% more than the last elections.

MB holds first Shura meeting after the revolution

According to Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood the meeting which is the first in 16 years will be held in the group’s new headquarters in Mokattam the

Nazra for Feminist Studies: Egypt’s NDP Foils Women’s Quota and Captures Seats as a Result

Nazra for Feminist Studies, member in the Independent Coalition for Election Observation, released a special statement about women on Election Day to choose a Member of Parliament.

Security personnel arrest 9 MB including child during peaceful rally in Cairo

In what has come to be a disturbing pattern during the last few days' Egyptian security forces clashed yet again yesterday with a peaceful publicity campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood's

Scores of MB Members Arbitrarily Detained and Assaulted

Despite assurances and avowals by the ruling party’s officials that Egypt’s parliamentary elections will be free, fair and transparent the run up reveals anything but. The current incidents in Egypt’s