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Brotherhood fights for more seats

He was one of 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s strongest-yet-banned opposition force, who won seats in the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Egypt Vote Saves Some Seats for Women

As Egypt's Nov. 28 elections approach, female candidates are squaring off to fill the country's newly instated women's quota in the parliament. But whether reserving places for women lawmakers will

MB and Wafd Party asserts no deals made with government

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Mohamed Elbeltagy has stressed that the MB is prepared to coordinate and cooperate with any true political opposition prepared to work for the wellbeingof the country.

MB in Assuit to field 6 candidates including one female

The Muslim Brotherhood in Assuit has confirmed that it will field six candidates to run in the parliamentary elections including one female.

University guards assault female students in Azhar University

Coinciding with the assaults on the Muslims holy sites in Jerusalem and in particular the Aqsa Mosque are assaults on the college campus in Egypt.

Misrepresenting freedom in Egypt

In Egypt, activists, journalists, bloggers and the independent press relentlessly stress the need for more transparency, democracy and freedom of speech. These are noble values and their importance should always

Were there women in Islamic history?

The beginning of discussion regarding women in the Islamic world in the form of "Were there women in Islamic history" as a claim and counter-claim falls at a time when

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Women

A recent spat of press reports detailing Egypt’s powerful opposition Muslim Brotherhood group’s row over the role of women has left the Islamic group under pressure from the country’s liberal

MB Fields Candidates For Labor Union Election Include Women.

The Muslim Brotherhood will field candidates in 15% of the total seats for the upcoming Labor Union elections on November 2, 2006.  In its appreciation and sensing of the dire need to reactivate