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MB detentions escalate in Egyptian governorates

Confrontations between security forces and neighbors of members of the Muslim brotherhood movement took place in the governorates of Kafr El-Sheik raising the number to 13 and Gharbeya 8.

Heart attack, ill health and still Egypt keeps MB leaders detained.

The latest sweep against the MB leaders has harvested much disdain and contempt by numerous activist and human rights members.

Muslim Brotherhood leaders detained

Egyptian security forces Monday arrested a deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and two other senior leaders as the country prepares for new elections.

Egyptian Police Arrest Top Muslim Brotherhood Figures

Egyptian police have arrested a number of top figures in the banned Muslim Brotherhood, less than a month after the group elected new leaders.

15 Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested

Security services arrested 15 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group in different provinces Sunday, including group Deputy General Guide Mahmoud Ezzat and MB Guidance Bureau members Essam el-Erian

Muslim Brotherhood condemn the fierce security attack against top Brotherhood members

Egyptians shocked when the Egyptian authorities swooped on the opposition Muslim Brotherhood before dawn on Monday, February 8, 2010, arresting number of its top leaders, led by Brotherhood deputy Chairman

E-Campaign for the release of Dr. Ezzat and his brothers

Following the fierce arrest campaign of the MB members and leaders, a number of internet activists made a new group on facebook in solidarity with the arrested ones as they