MB guidance bureau


MB chairman criticizes gov’t funded TV series smearing MB

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie responded to the Egyptian TV series “The group", funded by the Egyptian government and critical of the Muslim Brotherhood and its leadership


The remarkable unity displayed by the Muslim Brotherhood is no accident.

Aljazeera Live interviews Dr Morsy

At 8:00pm on Wednesday Cairo Time Aljazeera Live channel will be hosting Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and the MB's media spokesman.

Police arrest several Muslim Brotherhood members, sources say

Police have rounded up several prominent leaders of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, the country's largest opposition movement, sources with the group confirm.

A Statement by the MB on the fierce attacks against MB members

The MB asserted that these arrests would not change the path they have chosen for the development of the nation and they will continue their struggle with all available peaceful

Egyptian police arrest 13 Muslim Brothers, including Mahmoud Ezzat

Egyptian police arrested 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood including Mahmoud Ezzat, the groups deputy leader in overnight raids in six provinces.

Egypt: New government crackdown on MB leadership

Al Jazeera reports that Egyptian security forces have detained at least 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The arrests are widely seen as the start of an effort by the

Liberties Committees to condemn latest Brotherhood’s arrests

Liberties Committees of Journalists' and Lawyers' Syndicates condemned the fierce campaign of arrests in which top members of the Muslim Brotherhood

El-Erian: Naga’a Hammadi crisis is political not criminal.

In a seminar held by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Dr Essam Al-Erian from the MB executive guidance bureau shed light on the current sectarian violence.