MB History


MB students nationwide organize fetes to educate colleagues on group’s ideologies

Brotherhood students at Al-Azhar University students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo held a festival as part of their campaign titled "Reformers" to promote the group's candidates in the

Cops, Robbers … and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why the Egyptian government's propaganda version of CSI revealed more about its own paranoia than about its enemies.

“The Society”

A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled.

MB describes TV series as defaming

Seif El Islam el-Banna the son of Hassan el-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, ascertained that he had received many offers both from Egypt and abroad to produce an

Egypt’s Brothers inaugurate global IkhwanWiki encyclopedia

Members of "Ikhwan Wiki" launched the Muslim Brotherhood's Wikipedia, the Group's new encyclopedia and largest documentary website similar to "Wikipedia", a free and open-access encyclopedia on the 61st anniversary of

Muslim Brotherhood use new media to document history

The Brotherhood uses its own website as a news portal featuring the group's latest news, publishing their press releases and announcements as well as op-eds by some of the group's

Muslim Brotherhood’s mysterious Wikis

The wiki, which is still in its early stages with a little over 1700 accessible articles, provides the Ikhwan perspective of their own history and events in which they were

Qutb: Between Terror and Tragedy

Sayyid Qutb grew up in a very trundled time in Egyptian history. It was a time of demagogues and revolutionaries.

The Muslim Brotherhood Goes Wiki

Al Jazeera.net reported today that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have erected an online encyclopedia to help inform the public about the organization’s history, ideology, and political aims. Dubbed Ikhwan

MB, the Dark Horse of 2005 Parliamentary Election

 The Moslem Brotherhood becomes the ’dark horse’ in the Egyptian elections, though it is considered by the government as ’a banned political movement’, after being deprived from the legal recognition