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Jordan’s Parliamentary Elections and the Islamist Boycott

Despite efforts by Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai to dissuade the Muslim Brotherhood from its decision to boycott the November 9 parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood has held its ground, with

Right under the Dome

Prime Minister Samir Rifai’s agenda this week has been full of meetings with representatives of political parties and media organisations to discuss issues of concern to Jordanians.

MB offshoot in Jordan meets with Prime Minister

Jordan’s Prime Minister Samir Rifai is expected to meet with leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front on Saturday to discuss numerous issues.

Jordan: MB offshoot and political opposition express deep concern over gov’t policies

The National Coalition of Opposition parties in Jordan engaged in dialogue discussing freedom of expression, public participation in the political process and economic difficulties facing the nation as a result

Jordan: MB offshoot outlines demands for participating in elections

The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front in Jordan , blamed the government for their decision to boycott the elections .

Jordan gov’t accepts IAF boycott of elections but refuses to discuss electoral procedures

Jordan's government refuses to discuss polls procedures but respects the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front's choice to boycott November's parliamentary elections.

Jordan’s PM threatens 7 year sentence to vote buyers

Jordan's main opposition group, The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot has maintained that it is still considering whether to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for next November.

MB offshoot in Jordan calls on gov’t to disregard US and Israeli pressures on nuclear

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan issued a statement calling on the government not to yield to pressure from the US and Israel .

MB offshoot in Jordan considers boycotting elections

According to sources the Islamist action front movement in Jordan has alleged that it is considering boycotting parliamentary elections scheduled to be held later this year.

MB offshoot in Jordan still to choose next leader

Indecision continues as leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front continues in Jordan.