MB In Parliament


Questioning by MB MPs reveal waste of L.E15 billion!

3 parliamentary questions have been submitted by members of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc revealing that the government has wasted approximately 15 billion pounds and caused the loss of a

Former Parliament Chairman: the Brotherhood’s Success is Logical

Former parliament chairman, Sofy Abu Taleb, said in an interview with Al-Mesry Al-Youm on Jan. 25th that the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory at the recent parliamentary polls is logical and should have been

Christmas Greetings for Coptic Orthodox

The Muslim Brotherhood through its members in Parliament extends its warmest wishes to the Orthodox Copts in Egypt and around the world during their celebrations of Christmas, which coincide this

El-Arian: the Brotherhood’s MPs Deal with any Government

Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, asserted that the new cabinet reshuffle will not be able to produce real economical reform without fulfilling true political reform in

Today: The Second Round of Brotherhood-Copt Dialogue

On Tuesday’s evening, a new round of the Brotherhood-Copt dialogue series, initiated two weeks ago, takes place between a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of Christian elite.

Brotherhood’s Representative Visits a Church

On Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s representative of Ashmon City, Ashraf Bader el-Dean, paid a visit to Ashmon Coptic Orthodox Church where he met public Coptic figures along with the church

’We take nobody’s permission’

’We take nobody’s permission’The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akef tells Amira Howeidy the group will not change tactics, and does not trust the US "So do you refer

Egypt’s secular reformers losing out

 When the election for a new parliament began Nov. 9, Egypt’s secular opposition and democracy advocates in Washington hoped the results would produce a more open system in which political

The Presidency Receives Warns against the Danger of Parliament Dissolution

Authentic sources told el-Misreon that the Presidency gives up its threats of dissolving the ongoing parliament if the Muslim Brotherhood’s representatives adopt opposition attitude regarding the Egyptian foreign affairs.

Ambassador: Egypt not going Islamist

Minimizing election gains by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmy said Thursday his country was moving toward a centrist and not an Islamist political position. Reflecting on monthlong parliamentary