MB lawyers


MB Lawyers: Dialogue is the Solution to the Judiciary and Lawyers Crisis In Egypt

The two wings of Justice in Egypt, the judges and the lawyers are locked in a contrived conflict following the discussions of the judiciary law and the emergence of Article

MB Lawyers Will Not Run for Syndicate President

Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud stated that the group will not field any of its lawyers as president of the Lawyers’ Syndicate in the upcoming elections.

MB lawyers call for trial of former regime symbols to be publicised

MB lawyers filed an appeal in the State Council against the Minister of Justice, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the President of the Cairo Court of Appeal.

Excellent defense team for Ezzat and his innocent colleagues.

Country's top lawyers vow to represent MB senior leaders stressing that these men are "the country's finest"

Lawyers protest on Monday objecting to iron wall.

The legitimate general syndicate committee has organized a rally in support of the Palestinians demonstrating their disappointment of the continued construction of the iron wall.

Renewal of detention of last high-ranking MB leader accused in the International Network

No sooner had the crisis of Counselor Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa, head of the Supreme State Security Court, with MB defense concerning the Egypt and Hezbollah terror case calmed down,