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Tag el Deen Withdraws Complaint Against Three Revolutionary Socialists

Gamal Tag el Deen, head of the Lawyers Syndicate’s Freedom committee, withdrew his complaint against three Revolutionary Socialists after their leaders confirmed they had nothing to do with the latest

MB: Freedom and Justice Party Grants Christians Rights Denied during Mubarak’s Reign

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Mohamed Saad el-Katatni said the new atmosphere of freedom opened the door for all Islamist sects like Salafists and others to be an integral part

Dr. Morsy: Four Messages from the Million Man Demo for Trial and Cleansing

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the participation of the Egyptian people in the demonstrations shows that the Egyptian people are alert

MB chairman reports important documents stolen from home after break in and entry

After realizing he was the victim of a break-in, on his return home to Beni Suef Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie filed a report to the head military chief

MB Group’s Youths to Participate and Respect Group’s Regulations

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that the MB supports any group which has demands and is seeking change in Egypt.

MB to Announce Stance on Scheduled Protest

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam el-Erian has asserted that the group still remains undecided to the upcoming demonstrations scheduled by the country's political opposition on January 25th.

MB Media Spokesman Welcomes Monitoring by Civil Organizations

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman and executive member, Dr Mohamed Morsy, stressed that he rejected US interference in Egypt's affairs including the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on

Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

The Popular Campaign to Support the Nomination of ElBaradei and the Demands of Change, has condemned the violent means used by the state security apparatus against a protest which included

MB media spokesman: Brotherhood will not be affected by TV drama

Leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have expressed that the Ramadan series aired in Egypt called Al Gamaa will not deter the groups cause in calling for political

MB Chairman and former ambassador discuss Egypt ‘s future

Dr. Mohammed Badie the Muslim brotherhood chairman met with former ambassador Ibrahim Yousry at his office earlier today.