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MB and Christian youths launch first coalition

In a first move to eliminate fears between the Muslim Brotherhood and Christians, the first Coalition of the MB and Christian Youths will be launched at 8pm Friday April 1st,

Magdy Ashour Ousted from the MB

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam El-Erian, said Magdy Ashour has two choices; either he resigns from parliament or loses party membership after he attended the first session

MB in Sharqiya Condemn the Arrest of Twenty MB Supporters

Twenty MB supporters have been abducted during the past few days from various constituencies in the Sharqiya governorate.


Although this raises legitimate fears amongst the western media, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces labels like “fundamentalist” as the media pigeonholing them, and draw attention to their "15 Principles" for an

MB website launched to counter ‘Ikhwanophobia’

It seems Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement is trying to coin a new term, “ikhwanophobia,” by launching a website of the same name mixing Islam-related news and commentary with

MB denies deals were made and will continue to follow peaceful, open-minded and tolerant methods

MB media spokesman Dr. Saad Katatni, commented on the recent article published in the Arabi Alnasseri newspaper titled "The failed story between the government and the MB” in parliament.

Ikhwanonline readers, “continued State of Emergency in Egypt is a repressive measure”

Users of Ikhwanonline, the Muslim Brotherhood's official Arabic website, participated in a survey concerning the State of Emergency in Egypt .

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood refuses to get involved with IslamOnline crisis

The Qatari government's decision to remove Sheikh Youssef el-Qaradawi from his position as head of the Al-Balagh Cultural Society, which runs the IslamOnline website, is demonstrative of the failures crippling

Caught in the Web

A widely popular Islamic website has been, until very recently, an undisputed success story. IslamOnline arrived at a time that millions of Muslims needed a common platform and a unifying

Islamonline is Offline

Not many people thought that events at the Islamonline foundation would evolve in such a dramatic way. While many viewers of this colossal site are saddened as a result of