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Muslim Brotherhood Establishes Farmers’ Union

The Muslim Brotherhood is establishing a Farmers' Syndicate targeting a million members by December 2011, a leading MB member told Ikhwanweb Monday.

Abul Fotouh to Run as Independent

Egypt’s renowned Muslim Brotherhood member Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh has confirmed his plans to contend for president of Egypt despite an agreement by the Muslim Brotherhood to not field

MB Explores Neighborhood Watch Programs in Imbaba

Following the violent clashes in Imbaba the Muslim Brotherhood proposed setting up their own watch scheme.

MB Chairman, inaugurates MB centre in Alexandria

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, opened the Centre of the MB in Alexandria on Wednesday evening. A number of MB leaders attended including: Gomaa Amin, Deputy Chairman, Mohamed Abdel Monem,

MB Youth, January 25 Activists Hope it Will Be the Start of Significant Change

Once the Muslim Brotherhood announced their participation in the Day of Rage protest scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Brotherhood bloggers promoted a banner across Facebook pages entitled "I'm a MB

Egypt’s Elections Rigged Before, During and After

A sweeping victory if that’s what one can label Egypt’s ruling NDP’s rigged win was announced by the Higher Election Commission today where they confirmed they secured an 83% majority

Military court postpones trial of protesting workers

The military court trial of eight workers from the Helwan Engineering Industries Company was adjourned to August 28 as crowds anticipated the verdicts.

Badie and MB delegation visit and congratulate new Wafd Party leader

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc will visit Saturday, the Wafd Party to congratulate Dr. Sayed El Badawi for his recent success in the Wafd Party elections.

Abdel Baqi warns of new Israeli nuclear reactor.

Muslim Brotherhood member of the Parliamentary bloc, Mohamed Abdel Baqi submitted an urgent request questioning the Prime Minister about the establishment of a new nuclear reactor by Israeli's on the