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Today: The Second Round of Brotherhood-Copt Dialogue

On Tuesday’s evening, a new round of the Brotherhood-Copt dialogue series, initiated two weeks ago, takes place between a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of Christian elite.

Brotherhood’s Representative Visits a Church

On Sunday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s representative of Ashmon City, Ashraf Bader el-Dean, paid a visit to Ashmon Coptic Orthodox Church where he met public Coptic figures along with the church

’We take nobody’s permission’

’We take nobody’s permission’The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akef tells Amira Howeidy the group will not change tactics, and does not trust the US "So do you refer


The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, is covertly communicating with senior members of the Coptic community. Brotherhood members wish to dismiss any fears that the Copts may have concerning


The Jordanian section of the Muslim Brotherhood has said it wants to include Christian candidates among its electoral lists for general elections next year, according to the Saudi newspaper al-Watan.

Akef: the Regime Fears the MB for its Rejection of Autocracy

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, linked the government profound worry of the Muslim Brotherhood to the group’s refusal of utilitarianism; "The regime is still dominant by autocratic

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Tell Us,

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has demonstrated consummate political savvy during the parliamentary campaign. With an unprecedented level of freedom since it has been allowed to use its real name, the banned

The Brotherhood are Unlikely to Form Government, However, this is How We Envisage It

It is unlikely that the Brotherhood would hold power, at least in the foreseeable future. However, let us presume for the sake of argument that they have formed a government.

The Brotherhood’s media offensive

The pan-Arab, Saudi-owned newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat has published an op-ed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s number two, Mohammed Habib, outlining what a MB government would pursue in eight points.