MB Parliamentary bloc


MB: Contact With The US Was Limited To MPs

Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, welcomed the statement by the US government about communicating with the Muslim Brotherhood, stating that it was open to mature, respectful

MB Decides to Take Part in the People’s Parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood has officially announced their engagement in the proposal package put forward by the parties and political forces under the name of ‘The People's Parliament’.

MB former MP: MB’s participation exposed regime’s poll rigging

Media spokesman and head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc in the past parliament, Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni, stressed that the electoral fraud, disrespect of the will of the

MB conference discusses political reform in Egypt

In response to popular demands for change and calls for political reform and constitutional amendments, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in Fayoum will organize a public forum to discuss the

Interview with Essam al-Arian, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau

The Brotherhood announced that we will not have a candidate in the 2011 presidential election. We will wait for the names of the actual candidates and study their platforms before

MB asserts they will participate in upcoming parliamentary elections

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to participate in the political arena in all legislative elections through

MB and independent MP’s protest to unfinished sessions

An open-ended sit in is scheduled to take place at the Democratic Front Party's headquarters in protest to the Parliament's neglect in discussing the political rights law'

Brotherhood approves law protecting workers’ rights

The People's Assembly's Plan and Budget Committee agreed in principle to a bill presented by "Ahmed Ezz, NDP secretary general and Chairman of the People's Assembly Planning and Budget Committee

Khodeiri denies NAC internal rifts after MB dialogue

Chancellor Mahmoud el-Khodeiri, former Deputy Chairman of the Court of Cessation and a member of the National Association for Change (NAC)

Israeli troops point gun at one year old demonstrating further cowardice

Many reports surfaced as detained activists were released after the Israeli military attacked the Freedom flotilla sailing to Gaza with tons of aid earlier this week .