MB Shura Council


Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council to Discuss All Options to Address Transition Stalling and Failure to

With a seemingly intentional security vacuum, continued rights violations in Egypt creating a confidence gap, and a troubled transition causing the country serious economic losses and instability, the Brotherhood resorts

MB Shura Council Authorizes Guidance Bureau Consultation With FJP in Transition Management

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), confirmed that MB Shura Council has unanimously approved authorization for MB Guidance Bureau to consult directly with the Freedom and Justice

Badei Praises Choice of Coptic Christian Rafiq Habib as FJP’s Vice-Presdient

“Thanks to the revolution, this Ramadan the world is witnessing an ironic change of events as viewers worldwide are watching the trial of Mubarak Live on TV as opposed to

Election of Three Executive Bureau Members Broadcast Live

To the surprise on many people, the Muslim Brotherhood insisted on practicing democracy in the open to prove the internal democracy of the group and to show its commitment to

MB Ramadan Banquet August 6

The Muslim Brotherhood announced its first Ramadan banquet after the Revolution will be held on Saturday August 6.

Egypt Elections Expose Divisions in Muslim Brotherhood

Western media has been always fascinated by the theory of “divisions within the Brotherhood” with every difference in opinion within the organization comes to public attention, and this time is

MB Shura Council Dismisses Abul Fotouh

Following lengthy debate by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council, a decision has been reached by majority of votes on Saturday to dismiss Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh.

MB Executive Bureau discusses Future Agenda

The Muslims Brotherhood's Executive Bureau held its first meeting on Wednesday after the Parties Affairs Committee accepted the establishment of its Justice and Freedom party. Four major issues were covered

MB Chairman: We Reject Attempts to Steal the Revolution

MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, stressed that the Egyptian revolution was a blessing from Allah. He pointed out that the night Mubarak was ousted from power was the anniversary of

Freedom and Justice Party Elections in Giza

The founders of the Freedom and Justice Party in the north of the Giza governorate have elected Dr. Ahmed Amr Darrag, professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, to