MB Statement


Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions

In response to utter lies the media has been broadcasting and circulating over the past few hours about Muslim Brotherhood decisions and positions, we stress the following: First: The revolutionary

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Brutal Killing of Six Egyptians by Security Forces on First Day of

 God can see the oppression of despots and tyrants. He can see those who suppress and murder the oppressed. We made a strong return across thousands of public squares where

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Iraqi Government Use of Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly supports the Iraqi people's rights and freedoms, and condemns the repressive approach adopted by the Iraqi government towards peaceful demonstrators, killing and injuring many innocent citizens.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Port Said Massacre

The Muslim Brotherhood is shocked, saddened and dismayed at news of the massacre that took place in Port Said Stadium after Al-Ahly vs. Al-Masry match, and claimed the lives of

Jordan MB Blames Government and Police for Friday Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan warned of entering the "Age of mafias and gangs" after the burning of the headquarters of the group and the Islamic Action Front in

Muslim Brotherhood: SCAF’s Nondemocratic Measures Must Be Withheld

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) expressed disappointment with the numerous nondemocratic measures taken lately by the interim ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) without prior consent of the people

Syrian MB: Revolution Will Continue Till Oppressive Regime Toppled

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) pledged in its latest Shura Council emergency meeting to continue in its solidarity with the revolution until the regime is ousted and the dream of

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Friday Violence, Blames Gov’t and SCAF

Several months into the great January 25 revolution, the majority of the Egyptian people yet to feel their full demands have been fulfilled, partly because the incomprehensible slow pace of

MB Statement Warns of Consequnces of Derailing Democracy by Special Interests

The Egyptian revolution is a great blessing from Allah and a miracle in itself, and we must not allow the causes that led to this great revolution to occur again.